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Why become a Corporate Partner? (CP)

You may know someone with Huntington's disease (HD).  Chances are there are people in your neighbourhood with HD or impacted by it. There could be children within the schools your children attend impacted by it and you would never know because it is a disease historically not spoken about due to the stigma of being seen as drunk or mentally challenged.  This is a stigma that Huntington’s SA & NT Inc is changing through raising awareness of HD.

'Let's Dance'

Those with Huntington’s disease dance constantly both internally and externally. It is for this reason that Huntington’s disease used to be known as the dancing disease. The movements created by the disease are known as chorea which is an ancient Greek word for dance. 

In South Australia the number acknowledged who have HD and are symptomatic sits at approximately 200 individuals. For every one of those people there are at least another 5 who need or will need the Association's help.

As awareness is being raised this number is increasing. 

35% of our clientele reside in rural and remote areas of South Australia. In the Northern Territory the numbers are unknown and help is currently given on a needs basis when we are contacted.

What is HD?

Huntington's disease (HD) is an inherited degenerative neurological condition, resulting in selective brain cell death. The regions of the brain that are mostly affected in HD are the basal ganglia and the frontal lobes. These areas are responsible for motor movement, control, coordination, cognition, personality and emotions. It is complex by nature due to multiple symptoms overlaying each other, ever changing as the disease progresses. 

Why is it different to other diseases?

Every person who has it reacts differently. 

There are no textbook cases and there is no cure.

Why choose Huntington's SA & NT Inc to support?

Huntington’s disease is a minority when compared with other diseases such as cancer and diabetes but the impact it has on a person, families, relatives and communities is often greater. The complexities of multiple symptoms overlaying each other, ever changing as the disease progresses means the Association deals with many areas on a regular basis such as homelessness, violence, children caring for adults, suicide, mental health issues, drugs and alcohol. On top of this, those with Huntington's are susceptible to other illnesses like you and I can get, such as colds, flu, cancer, arthritis, menopause and diabetes.

What you can do?    Become a Corporate Partner

Put your best foot forward and dance alongside those with Huntington’s disease and ensure raising awareness, supports, services and education can be ongoing.

What does your company gain by being a CP?

A Corporate Partnership allows your company to let their social conscience shine and show that minorities do matter. 

Be an inspiration to your staff. 

Your brand is as important to Huntington's SA & NT Inc as it is to you. By working together we can make a difference to the lives of those with HD and impacted by HD.

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workplace giving


Embrace Work Place Giving (WPG) and show your company's community spirit.

Huntington’s SA & NT Inc WPG program is an easy and dynamic way to support those with HD and those impacted by HD.


WPG is a win/win situation for all involved. Donations are deducted from your employee’s salary before tax therefore reducing their taxable income. The employee receives an automatic tax deduction. Huntington’s SA & NT Inc receives the full donation with no administrative costs allowing the Association to use the full donation where it is most needed.

What’s involved?

WPG is a simple process and can be set up by your payroll team (most up to date payroll systems have WPG facilities already programmed within them).

The payroll team deducts the amount specified by the employee from their gross/pre tax earnings. This is done after their superannuation deduction and prior to their PAYG tax deduction, making it an immediate tax benefit for the employee. 

Once set up, with each pay cycle your payroll will automatically transfer the donation to Huntington’s SA & NT Inc.

What forms need to be kept by payroll?

  • Deduction authorisation form from the employee.
  • A record of total deductions made from each employees pay.
  • There are no tax forms needing to be completed.

A remittance is to be emailed to Huntington's SA & NT Inc each time funds are transferred for our records.

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