How are we funded?


Huntington's SA & NT Inc do not rely on grants.  We are funded by the generosity of those people who wish to make a difference for the HD community.

Where our funds go?

Funds raised allow the Association to raise awareness of Huntington's disease and provide ongoing supports and services for those with HD and impacted by HD.

Our services include the following:

Social Interaction

We provide social interaction for a very isolated community on a weekly basis with our HD Coffee & Co and RRR Programs.

Raising Awareness

We work tirelessly to raise awareness of HD via our Awareness Program.  We try to breach the gap of understanding between the HD Community and the wider community through awareness talks and presentations.

If you are interested in hosting an awareness talk at your local club or group please contact our office on 0424 062 121


We educate those who care for our HD community.  The complexities which Huntington's disease presents makes caring for those with HD a very specialised area. 


Our Outreach Program rural and metropolitan, is a statewide service giving much needed support to those with HD or impacted by HD.  We offer a personal face to face in-home visit to see if there are any issues we can help with or any services we can connect you with.

About Us

Small Steps Big Outcomes


Huntington's SA & NT Inc opens doors one door at a time, giving hope, dignity and awareness to a community long isolated by history and stigma.

Raising Awareness


Increasing community awareness of Huntington's disease brings a ray of sunshine to those with HD and impacted by HD.

'Let's Dance'


Your donation, however big or small, gives the HD community the chance to open their door with pride and confidence and step through it into a more accepting and understanding neighbourhood, community and world. 

'Let's Dance' alongside those with Huntington's.