Are you finding navigation of the NDIS daunting?  You are not alone.

The steps below may help.

Q. How do I register for NDIS?

You can register through the SA Gov website - click the link here



Huntington's SA & NT Inc is not a registered provider for the NDIS. This area is currently under review.

However we can still help you with a most important area, preparation for your planning meeting. We can help you prepare what needs to be in your plan, as well as being at the planning meeting to give support. 

Comments from one family we helped recently:

Although I’ve been my husband’s biggest advocate for the past 10 years the process of planning for the NDIS was a little daunting. I really appreciated Michele from Huntington’s SA & NT Inc looking over my planning documents prior to the planning meeting and then being present at that meeting. It was great to have someone else with knowledge of what we need there to advocate for us and to ask questions I wouldn’t have thought of.  - Susan & Michael Dorrington (Seaford)

ndis tips


Face to Face

Ask for a face to face meeting, preferably with someone who understands or has knowledge of HD.  The initial planning meeting will be lengthy if done correctly.  This is NOT a process to be done via a phone call.  The meeting can be confronting which is why it is a good idea to have someone you trust who knows about HD and the NDIS process at that meeting with you.

6 Monthly Review

HD is a neurological degenerative disease and for this reason you can ask for your plan to be revisited on a 6 monthly basis NOT 12 MONTHLY should your requirements change within a short space of time.

Have more questions?

If you have any other questions give the office a call and ask to speak to Michele.

You can contact the office on: 0424 062 121